Thanksgiving Centerpieces

The real crowning glory of any Thanksgiving table is the food, but a beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the holiday table can turn a special meal into a truly elegant event. Whether your ultimate goal is to impress your guests or simply to create a warm and welcoming table for family, the perfect centerpiece can make your feast even more memorable.

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to spice up your table with a centerpiece that makes the most of the rich colors of autumn and fruits of the harvest. Traditional elements such as cornucopias, pumpkins, and gourds contribute to a warm harvest feel and set a mood that is indisputably suited to Thanksgiving. Flowers in rich reds, oranges, and golds create a welcoming autumn elegance in any dining room. The warm glow of candles can also be a beautiful way to add style to your holiday meal.

Even if you're opting for a non-traditional Thanksgiving theme in your decorations, there are plenty of alternatives for centerpieces that complement your table and dining room decor. You don't need to choose a cornucopia or pumpkin-shaped vase for your centerpiece to be Thanksgiving-friendly; after all, any decorations that set the mood for a time to enjoy the company of family and friends (as well as to enjoy some delicious food!) are a perfect fit.

To create the best look for your holiday, select a centerpiece that suits the shape and size of your table. Fortunately, Thanksgiving themes offer a wealth of options for centerpiece shapes. If you will be eating your Thanksgiving meal at a round table, a basket, vase, or round centerpiece may be the best fit. If your dining table is rectangular, a longer cornucopia or rectangular centerpiece may provide more guests a good view of its bounty while taking up an unobtrusive portion of the dining table.

Size is another consideration for Thanksgiving centerpieces. Most importantly, you want to be sure that your centerpiece doesn't take up any of the room you'll need for food on the table. After all, the goal of your centerpiece is to complement, not overshadow, the food. Also keep the height of the centerpiece in mind. Your guests should be able to see each other across the centerpiece in order to keep conversation flowing comfortably. That doesn't mean that you can't choose a tall centerpiece; simply select an arrangement that tall but not also wide to ensure that guests can see around the centerpiece without having their views of the table or each other blocked.

If you will be serving Thanksgiving dinner on a smaller table, or if you envision your table being so filled with food that there will be no space for a centerpiece on the table itself, an arrangement placed on a sideboard or serving table can be an excellent choice. A beautiful cornucopia or vase of flowers placed on a sideboard provides the touch of elegant ambiance you want to add to your Thanksgiving meal without creating an impediment to anyone's reach for that second helping of turkey or cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving decorations needn't be confined to the dining room, either. While not strictly centerpieces, flower arrangements that reflect the colors of the harvest or bountiful floral cornucopias placed in a variety of rooms can set the mood in the rest of the house as well. Even an arrangement that takes center stage during the meal itself can be moved to another room before and after the feast to keep the Thanksgiving spirit going.

Thanksgiving centerpieces are one of the beautiful ways you can create special memories of the holiday for your family and friends. By setting the right mood, creating a beautiful scene, and complementing the meal with a centerpiece, you make this year's a Thanksgiving to remember. Table centerpieces can also become a holiday favorite, bringing up warm memories whenever they're recalled. Perhaps it's a specific Thanksgiving tradition, such as having a cornucopia grace the table each year, or maybe you choose a different theme and decor that your guests look forward to discovering each year. No matter what centerpiece you choose, it can help to make your Thanksgiving meal and the warm holiday gathering of family and friends all the more special.

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